2022-23 Lenovo Innovators Program

As we enter year three of the annual Lenovo Innovators Program, we’ve identified a new cohort who resemble Lenovo’s vision of Smarter Technology For All (STFA), the idea that smarter technology can help solve problems, create opportunities and enhance the way we all live, learn and work.

Being an “Innovator” goes beyond designing and using new devices. Real innovation happens when people see a problem and are passionately committed to solving it. These change-driven content creators embody that spirit and will be using Lenovo’s products and solutions in a unique way to elevate their missions, tackle some of society’s biggest challenges and bring awareness to key issues around the world.

Throughout the year, our Lenovo Innovators will be telling their stories through a series of videos and articles on StoryHub and sharing their personal experiences on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok using #LenovoInnovators.

Scroll down to meet our new class of Lenovo Innovators. Follow #LenovoInnovators on social media to see how technology is enabling their passions and supporting their missions.


Karla Huerta, Lenovo Innovator

The Truth Behind Hustle Culture and How To Avoid Burnout

Many of us hear about Hustle Culture, but what does it entail? According to TalkSpace, Hustle culture is a mentality that embodies increased productivity, ambition and success, typically shared with little to no regard for one’s mental and physical well-being. So many people view this as a bad thing, however, I tend to thrive off [...]
Joan Marie, Lenovo Innovator

How My Hispanic Heritage and Culture Shaped My Career as a Space Engineer

Every year in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, I take time to reflect on my journey and how my Hispanic upbringing has profoundly shaped me into the person I am today. My heritage and cultural teachings have influenced my personal experiences. When I looked up at the stars as a kid in my small hometown [...]
Ruggero Rollini, Lenovo Innovator

The Importance Of Mentorship And How It Can Transform A Career

My journey into the realm of scientific communication began by pure chance. I had been focusing on video creation for my YouTube channel for several years prior and sharing gaming-related content. As much as I enjoyed playing video games, I was eager to explore my passion for science and enrolled in a chemistry class at [...]
Eva Herrero, Lenovo Innovator

The Art of Video Game Reviews And Tips For Aspiring Writers

My journey of making video gaming more than just a hobby started when I was 25 years old. I was so engrained in the gaming world and had a real urge to share my passion with others, so I wanted to put that into words. Gaming has primarily been a male-dominated space and, while I [...]
Ruggero Rollini, Lenovo Innovator

The current state of science communication: understanding the trending topics and how to make a change

Explore the trends and strategies for making a positive change in science communication and understanding the current state of the field.

Aakash Lenovo Innovator

A look behind the lens of a travel vlogger

Growing up, I experienced firsthand the power of perseverance and determination. I come from a very small town in Himachal Pradesh, India, which provided me with a strong sense of humility and gratitude for what life has to offer. It was a dream to become a renowned travel creator, but something that seemed out of [...]

Meet the Innovators:

Travelpreneur, Vlogger, Photographer, Speaker
Ecotourism Specialist, Environmental Activist
NASA Engineer, Commercial Astronaut in training, STEM Advocate
Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Daisies
Climate and Educational Activist
Agriculture and Permaculture Expert, Founder and CEO of Pur Plant
Author, Chemist, Science Educator
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