Lenovo workplace services in Brazil earns Contender Status from ISG Provider Lens™

Lenovo’s innovative approach to the future of work is positioning it as a Contender amongst Brazil’s leading workplace technology services and solutions providers. In ISG’s 2023 Quadrant Report, Lenovo was recognized in the Digital Service Desk ​& Workplace Support Services category.

A Contender in Digital Service Desk and Workplace Support Services

Future of Work grid - Brazil

ISG evaluated how each provider delivered on the latest workplace trends, including on-site support, call center services, on-site/field support, technology bars and cafés, digital lockers, and automation-enabled omnichannel support for chat and voice.

Lenovo stood out for its market-leading technologies and automation, highly personalized platform, cyber security and data protection best practices, and commitment to sustainability. By implementing proactivity and agility into its services, Lenovo’s large user base across the local market can significantly benefit from efficiency gains, lower downtime and higher user satisfaction.

Looking ahead, Lenovo is working to create a more personalized experience for customers using generative AI, analytics and NLP. It is also making headway on offering persona-based products on its Digital Workplace Solution (DWS) platform to help scale services for large and midsize customers. With recent acquisitions that expanded Lenovo’s solutions capabilities and services-led approach, and its significant R&D investments over the next five years, Lenovo is poised to continue to innovate and enhance its Digital Workplace Solutions to better serve the Brazilian market.

Lenovo’s partnership ecosystem has been key to its business and is part of its local service strategy. Lenovo has the structure and capabilities to grow continuously within the Brazilian market, having offered differentiated and qualified endpoint service.


About The ISG Provider Lens™

The ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant research series is the only service provider evaluation of its kind to combine empirical, data-driven research, and market analysis with the real-world experience and observations of ISG’s global advisory team. Enterprises will find a wealth of detailed data and market analysis to help guide their selection of appropriate sourcing partners. The research currently covers providers offering their services across multiple geographies globally.

The ISG Provider Lens™ quadrants are created using an evaluation matrix containing four segments (Leader, Product Challenger, Market Challenger and Contender), and the providers are positioned accordingly. Each ISG Provider Lens™ quadrant may include service providers that ISG believes have strong potential to move into the Leader quadrant, known as a Rising Star.

Rising Stars have promising portfolios or the market experience to become a Leader, including the required roadmap and adequate focus on key market trends and customer requirements. They also have excellent management and understanding of the local market in the studied region. These vendors and service providers give evidence of significant progress toward their goals in the last 12 months.

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