Statement by Lenovo on the January 25, 2024 Bloomberg article “Dell, Micron Backed a Group Raising Alarms on Rivals’ China Ties”

Lenovo is shocked by the extent of the unjust, covert, and anti-competitive disinformation campaign uncovered by Bloomberg in this report.1

The article shines a spotlight on how a disinformation campaign secretly funded by our competitors is using front organizations like China Tech Threat to appear as real research and journalism. As Lenovo’s Chief Security Officer outlined back in 2021, we were aware of detractors seeking to harm our business, but not the extent of the anti-competitive disinformation campaign waged against us.

China Tech Threat repeatedly referred to reports that are outdated, unsubstantiated, or resolved years ago, and each time failed to point out that Lenovo has refuted or clarified the assertions. In the case of the Department of Defense Inspector General report from 2019, Lenovo’s rebuttal was acknowledged and published by the Department, and a copy of it can be seen here. The danger is that non-objective, pay-to-play ‘research reports’ are being quoted by legitimate media, and paid ‘experts’ and ‘advisors’ connected to China Tech Threat are increasingly being called upon to comment on the political stage.

Lenovo has always stood for fair and open competition. As a global and publicly traded company operating in 180 markets around the world, we continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance and welcome all objective and professional assessments of our business, supply chain, and security practices. We’ve opened ourselves to 18 consecutive years of CFIUS audits which ensures we are a known and compliant entity to the U.S. government, earning our spot on multiple approved vendor lists. Any suggestion that Lenovo is controlled by the Chinese government, or that our ties to China compromise our cybersecurity, is false. We have an international and independent board of directors and leadership team and are referred to by the globally recognized ratings agency Fitch Holdings as independent from our minority shareholder Legend Holdings.

We will continue to fight and advocate for fair, transparent, and competitive practices in business – and hope for the sake of our customers everywhere that others in our industry choose to do the same.

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1This is a licensed electronic reprint from Bloomberg, which can be downloaded or shared electronically but is not licensed for printing.


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