Lenovo Celebrates World Water Day, Joins UN CEO Water Mandate

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Today is World Water Day, a day that celebrates the value of water and its vitality as a resource for life on Earth.  

For those lucky enough to live with running water and modern plumbing, it is important to remember that 1 in 3 people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water, underscoring that while access to water alone can be challenging, water sanitation and safety for drinking is even more challenging. At Lenovo, we recognize the value of water and our role in helping to preserve it as a vital natural resource. After years of measuring and tracking our water use, we’re thinking more critically about its use throughout our operations and supply chain, and we have adopted a corporate policy to govern our water use. 

Water plays a part in so many of our products. While it is critical in semiconductor manufacturing and is leveraged to enable energy efficient cooling in our serverswe’ve also ensured that our PCs and phones can endure accidental exposureHowever, as a global company with 63,000 employees around the world, we must also think about the availability and use of water in our factories, offices, and communities where we do business. Aside from adopting our own internal policy, Lenovo has also endorsed the United Nations’ CEO Water Mandate. As part of this industry-led initiative, we’re committed in joining forces with like-minded global businesses to decrease water stress by 2050.  

Read more about Lenovo’s sustainability initiatives in the our most recent ESG Report, including our 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals aligned to the Science-Based Targets initiative.


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