Lenovo joined UNESCO Global Education Coalition for its fourth annual meeting

On March 25, 2024, Lenovo took part in the fourth UNESCO Global Education Coalition Annual Meeting hosted in Paris, France. The coalition was created in 2020 as a dynamic global platform for multi-stakeholder cooperation, with the goal of transforming education to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 (quality education). According to UNESCO, 1.2 billion students and youth in 124 countries are currently affected by school and university closures. The coalition operates with a focus on keeping learning processes accessible for all learners and leaving no one behind. 

Lenovo became a member of the Global Education Coalition in December 2023 as well as a member of the Digital Transformation Collaborative (DTC). The DTC represents a tech-focused subgroup working to mobilize resources at a national scale to leverage digital transformation in education. Lenovo is joining other partners in EdTech, as well as international organizations, telecoms, and NGOs to steer digital transformation in education towards equity, quality, and sustainability.  

In Paris, the annual meeting focused on concrete solutions to give access to education to all students across the world. It also strengthened the need to be united and collaborate between stakeholders to make true progress. The digital transformation represents a real opportunity for schools and students today. With technologies like AI, the education landscape can be deeply transformed. “We were honored to contribute to the fourth annual GTC meeting and bring our perspective as a trusted technology solution provider. Using our innovations, we can help transform the learning experience”, said Marine Rabeyrin, Director of Education Segment at Lenovo EMEA. “Our commitment to responsible AI and building a more sustainable future for all can impact how students access technology today.” With solutions like Lenovo Asset Recovery Services and its Devices as a service offering, Lenovo is already contributing to the digital transformation and proposes a more sustainable technology to teachers around the globe. 

Marine Rabeyrin, on stage at the UNESCO Global Education Coalition
Marine Rabeyrin, on stage at the UNESCO Global Education Coalition

Lenovo has been taking a credible and collaborative approach in its journey to build a more sustainable future for all. In February 2024, Lenovo joined UNESCO’s Commitment for Responsible AI, after forming its own internal Responsible AI committee. In addition, Lenovo Foundation and Motorola are collaborating with UNESCO to digitize, preserve and promote indigenous languages, in honour of UNESCO’s International Decade of Indigenous Languages. Learn more about Lenovo’s inclusive technology commitments in the most recent Environmental, Social and Governance Report  


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