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Grey market imports and counterfeit products are not new for the technology sector. However, recently we’ve seen a significant rise in both. This can be attributed, in part, to new online marketplaces cropping up that are intent on luring consumers based on the appeal of global brands but lack the processes and willingness to spot or deter illegal activity.

We want to assure Lenovo customers and stakeholders that we have a zero-tolerance policy on the sale of both grey market and counterfeit products.

Grey market imports are a breach of our standard contract terms, and we actively investigate and take appropriate actions against distributors involved in importing Lenovo products into unauthorized markets.

Counterfeiting involves the unauthorized use of our trademark on products not produced or authorized by Lenovo and is a form of trademark infringement, which violates local and regional laws around the world. Counterfeiting affects all products and all manufacturers, from toothbrushes and shampoo to batteries and headsets. In fact, counterfeiting is the largest criminal enterprise in the world, with global sales of counterfeit and pirated goods totalling between an estimated US$1.7 trillion and US$4.5 trillion a year.

Counterfeit products deprive consumers of the quality they paid for and can present serious safety issues. All Lenovo products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our products undergo rigorous safety and security testing, while benefiting from decades of deep experience of highly trained engineers, developers, and designers. Counterfeit products are often cheap imitations of high-quality products, designed to attract consumers by offering a name brand at a low price. While a low price might seem appealing, counterfeit products are usually low quality, lacking basic functionality, and in certain circumstances, can present safety and security risks to customers.

Lenovo customers have our commitment that we take both grey market goods and counterfeit products very seriously. Working with International customs agencies and local authorities around the world, we seize and destroy unauthorized goods. Using private investigators and other resources, we also trace such goods back to their source, and take legal actions where appropriate. We’re also actively working with anti-counterfeiting organizations such as React and Beijing Anti-Infringement and Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance to address these issues as a collective industry. Together with wider technology industry partners and regulatory bodies, we are committed to safeguarding the interests of our valued customers as well as the integrity of our products.

Suspected grey market imports and counterfeit products can be reported to Lenovo at

Here are some useful links to understand more about how to spot counterfeit goods:


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