Lenovo Adds Advanced Security to Digital Workplace Solutions

Lenovo Solutions and Services Group (SSG) has added Managed Extended Detection and Response (MxDR) to its Digital Workplace Solutions (DWS) portfolio as an important step in strengthening security for customers who need around-the-clock assurances that important assets are protected.

MxDR continuously monitors endpoints (24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year) to recognize and respond to potential security threats.  It is most beneficial to organizations that don’t have internal security teams and need efficient, reliable security support to respond and mitigate quickly.

The MxDR offering will be delivered in partnership with Critical Start, a leading provider of Managed Detection and Response cybersecurity solutions. Combined with the Lenovo ThinkShield portfolio, the MxDR offering will bring comprehensive security services to our customers, as well as peace of mind.

Now available, Lenovo DWS MxDR helps customers in their digital transformation by:

  • Safeguarding digital assets and business continuance through a compelling solution for both cybersecurity and resiliency
  • Ensuring that endpoints are always monitored and protected
  • Improving productivity and the overall digital experience for both organizations and their employees

Lenovo DWS MxDR is available stand alone or with other solutions, including ThinkShield and Device as a Service (DaaS). It is simple, standardized and scalable.  In addition to endpoint protection, Lenovo DWS customers now have access to a comprehensive security solution that includes managed SIEM, threat intelligence and incident response capabilities.

Powered by Critical Start’s Zero-Trust Analytics Platform® (ZTAP®), the new Lenovo DWS MxDR integrates seamlessly with multiple industry-leading security technologies, helping organizations of all sizes stay ahead of adversaries. The Critical Start MOBILESOC® app, available on iOS and Android, provides flexibility to mitigate threats from anywhere.

Learn more about Lenovo DWS and its MxDR security offer here.


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