Lenovo Program Empowers Indian Youth to Pursue Careers in Manufacturing

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“Campus to Corporate Careers” program creates employment opportunities for young people from colleges in Puducherry

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today, and Lenovo India is driving this vision for students in India under its Campus to Corporate Careers program.   Equipping young people with 21st-century skills, the C2C program helps prepare them to enter STEM-related fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Building a Strong Foundation with Technical and Soft Skills

Together with Motilal Nehru Government Polytechnic College and TNS India Foundation (TNSIF), Lenovo India hosted a certificate distribution ceremony in May 2022 to celebrate the 150 students graduating from the program. Within this cohort, 84 students underwent on-the-job training at the Lenovo manufacturing plant in Puducherry to hone their practical skillset.

Lenovo India hosted a certificate distribution ceremony in May 2022 to celebrate the 150 students graduating from the program

In addition to equipping students with the needed technical skills to succeed in STEM fields, the program provided soft skills to prepare them for future workplaces, coupled with career counselling and job placement support. As a result, many students now work at manufacturing companies in and around Puducherry, including Lenovo, Yamaha Music, Foxconn India, and Leo Fasteners by TNSIF. At Lenovo’s Puducherry branch, 14 students were hired following their graduation, providing an opportunity for them to advance their career in manufacturing.

Shrikanth Dhanakshirur, Director, Manufacturing, Lenovo India said, “It is important that students gain hands-on practical training experience before formally joining the manufacturing workforce. TNS India Foundation has been a great partner to Lenovo in ensuring youth are empowered with the right resources and opportunities for a brighter future. Many thanks to the colleges who facilitated this entire project for their students. We believe this is an excellent approach to skill development as well as encouraging youths to pursue STEM education, and Lenovo is proud to be a part of this initiative.”

Using Technology to Enhance STEM Learning

The World Economic Forum’s ‘Future of Jobs’ 2020 report found that 85 million human jobs are likely to be displaced by machines by 2025. However, 97 million new roles, that are more adapted to the new division of labour between humans, machines, and algorithms, may emerge.

Keeping up with digital transformation can be daunting but having the right technical support can go a long way for STEM learning, by focusing on upskilling and reskilling to capture these new roles. As Lenovo continues to champion manufacturing initiatives such as its Made in India approach, having the proper training and resources can help young people in India get an edge in this space.

Working Towards a Larger STEM Goal Collectively

Lenovo’s commitment to encouraging STEM education globally and regionally is a key driver to support youths entering these fields, including manufacturing. By empowering underrepresented communities with access to technology and STEM education efforts, Lenovo is set to impact 15 million lives and transform one million lives through philanthropic programs and partnerships by FY 2025/26.


About TNS India Foundation

TNS India Foundation is a Mumbai-based not-for-profit development organization with over a decade of experience in implementing demand-driven programs working towards national economic reconstruction, with a special focus on women. TNS India Foundation works with beneficiaries across thematic areas of youth skilling and employability, women entrepreneurship, and agri-value chains and natural resource management to build their capacity and agency, and create meaningful impact for them, their families, and communities.


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