Simplifying security with Lenovo’s new all-in-one, AI-powered solution with Microsoft

To respond to growing cybersecurity threats requires embedded AI, combined with industry expertise to provide a cyber resiliency service that delivers 360-degree protection. Working with Microsoft security solutions, Lenovo’s new Cyber Resiliency as a Service (CRaaS) leverages Lenovo expertise to deliver subscription-based security offerings that support regulatory compliance aligned with leading industry standards. These cyber defense controls include:

• Continuous Risk Assessment
• Automated Security Updates & Patches
• Dynamic Threat Intelligence
• Active Incident Response and Management
• Regular Compliance Audits
• Data Backup and Recovery Services

Top challenges faced by CIOs infographic

For customers, CRaaS integrates greater visibility with cyber protection, detection, response, and recovery across digital estates and devices to help ensure business continuity. Through this collaboration, we can build next generation security solutions and services directly on Microsoft technology including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Defender, and Microsoft Sentinel to simplify security deployments and enhance users’ security posture.

Lenovo’s Global CIO Study found data privacy/security (68%) and cybersecurity/ransomware (68%) are the top two challenges businesses find most difficult to address.


Lenovo powers Lenovo

As a global technology leader, Lenovo is pioneering the use of groundbreaking AI to enhance our own operations, so we can help enterprises transform and embrace smarter AI for all.

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