STEM at Home: Lava Lamp

Ready. Set. Glow. We’re creating a homemade lava lamp to use as a custom Zoom background on this episode of STEM at Home.

Lava Lamp: Stuff You Need

Step-by-Step Instructions

Lava Lamp: 1

Fill 2/3 of jar with cooking oil. 


Lava Lamp: 2

Fill the rest of the jar with water.


Lava Lamp: 3

Let the oil settle below the water.


Lava Lamp: 4

Add 6-7 drops of food coloring.


Lava Lamp: 5

Add 4-5 effervescent tablets to the jar.


Lava Lamp: 6

Wait for the tablets to begin to fizz.


Lava Lamp: 7

Take a picture with your phone.


Lava Lamp: 8

Upload to your Zoom profile.


Lava Lamp: 9

Call your friends with this cool new Zoom background.

Your Instructor: Mounika Vanka

Mounika Vanka: Lenovo Research

Mounika is a researcher at Lenovo.  When she isn’t working on cutting-edge augmented reality projects, she can be found outside trying adventure sports like bungee jumping and skydiving, or inside painting abstract art or solving 10,000-piece jigsaw puzzles.

Congratulations on making your lava lamp! We hope you enjoyed learning about the innovation process, something we use every day when designing our products and solutions. Be sure to share your lava lamp with #StemAtHome. 


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