STEM at Home: Mobile Phone Movie Projector

Movie night just got a whole lot STEM-ier. We’re building a mobile phone movie projector on this episode of #StemAtHome. 

STEM at Home: projector supply collection

Step-by-Step Instructions

Movie Projector: Step One

Remove the glass from the magnifying glass frame.


Movie Projector: Step Two

Trace the shape of the glass on the outside center of one side of the box. 


Movie Projector: Step Three

Cut slightly inside the circle, so the glass will fit inside the hole.


Movie Projector: Step Four

Fit the glass inside the cutout hole in the box.


Movie Projector: Step Five

Cut two pieces of cardboard, slightly smaller than the width of the box. 


Movie Projector: Step Six

Glue the two pieces of cardboard together at a 90-degree angle.


Movie Projector: Step Seven

Place double-sided strips of tape on the cardboard to hold the mobile phone.


Movie Projector: Step Eight

Turn the brightness up as high as it will go on your phone.


Movie Projector: Step Nine

Attach your phone to the double-sided tape strips.


Movie Projector: Step Ten

Invert the video on your phone (there are several editors on Google Play that can do this for you.) Then move your phone back and forth, inside the box, to focus the picture.


Movie Projector: Step Five

Grab some popcorn and enjoy your movie! 

Your Instructor: Phoebe Thermitus

Phoebe Thermitus, Lenovo Director of Business Transformation

Phoebe is the Director of Business Transformation in Lenovo’s Worldwide Marketing Group. When she’s not leading her teams toward a common goal, she can be found spending time with her family, reading a good book or catching up on the latest podcast. #WomenInSTEM

Congratulations on making your mobile phone movie projector. We hope you enjoyed learning about technology that can bring people together. Be sure to share your movie projector with #StemAtHome. 


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