Lenovo Wins CIO 100 Award for Transforming Customer Services and Support

At Lenovo, we’re always looking for ways to improve how we support our customers.

Last month, one of these processes was recognized by the CIO 100 Awards, which recognizes teams  that deliver business value through technological innovation.

The award focused on Lenovo’s Project Marathon, which revamped how Lenovo supports its worldwide customer base with end-to-end services for our infrastructure solutions. This includes replacing hardware, servicing equipment and general troubleshooting. With more than 250,000 Lenovo machines in the US and 1.2 million globally, it was an immense and highly complex operation.

Why the Change

Until 2021, Lenovo relied on a third-party provider to deliver the needed services. While this process was efficient for a while, we wanted to speed up the time it took to respond to customers and resolve issues. To improve accuracy on inventory and services efficiency, Lenovo transitioned these critical services in-house.


The project was very successful, benefitting Lenovo’s customers as well as our own operational efficiency:

  • Real-time tracking updates – customers can now track all activity from the time they submit a repair order to the hour it is completed, even following the shipments in real time via GPS.
  • Improved repair cycles – Lenovo technicians are better able to service deficient parts in more machines.
  • Streamlined order sourcing – customers need to manage any system downtime. With our new processes, they can better plan for resumption of services if any of their equipment needs to be taken offline, with a more precise repair time schedules.

In addition, Marathon allowed Lenovo to reduce costs significantly and, most importantly, provide customers with a faster and seamless experience.

The CIO 100 Award is a testament to the strong teamwork and dedication that Lenovo employees bring to their work every day.


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