Finding Heart in Family Products: Tailored for You by Lenovo

Vanessa Miranda, Demand Generation Manager, Lenovo Malaysia

Sincerity and advertising can sometimes seem to be in direct conflict—how often does a corporate message abruptly spoil an emotional narrative? Leading up to the Chinese New Year, we tackled this great challenge with a short film.

We knew that any emotional storytelling piece would lose credibility with its audience the moment product placement or advertising entered the film—unless it emerged organically and sincerely.

So, we looked into the struggles an average person would face and weaved Lenovo into the plot of our Lunar New Year webfilm. Most importantly, we focused on the genuine struggles of the younger generation these days to balance work and family. Then we considered the need for laptops to keep up with a digital-focused workplace and the demand for an easy purchasing experience.

Thus came about the story of a young man who had just lost his laptop and would have to miss going back home for a reunion dinner with his mum, all for the sake of saving up for a new laptop so that he can continue putting food on the table. We felt this was something most people in the current workforce would relate to, as many would have had to face the same dilemma of work/life balance themselves.

We wish you a happy Lunar New Year filled with family and technology that brings people together.

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