How the Internet of Things Can Make Tackling the Challenges of COVID-19 in the Workplace Easier

In March many offices around the world began to close due to coronavirus concerns. Fast forward to June, and depending on your country, you may be back in the workplace or remain at home. In a recent survey we conducted of the general population in the U.S., we found that 58% of respondents said their job shifted to remote work in response to COVID-19. After nearly 90 days away, 57% of people said they have no specific timeline to return to the workplace. And overwhelmingly, at 88%, they said it’s important for their companies to deploy technology safety measures within their workplaces. As we continue to support communities and frontline workers around the world, we also want to find ways for technology to make offices safer and smarter.

Today we announced our response to the challenge of making workplaces safer in this “new normal” with ThinkIoT Back to Work Solutions.

In this video hear from John Gordon, President of Lenovo’s Commercial Internet of Things (IoT) business unit about why CIoT may soon become part of your mainstream vocabulary in the office.

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