Carissa Cabrera

Carissa is a marine conservation biologist in Hawaii and founder of The Conservationist Collective, a communication platform that empowers everyone to become more educated about the issues our oceans face.

My Mission

To spread awareness and educate the public regarding the challenges our oceans face, and help make our oceans more accessible to everyone.

How Technology Plays a Role

Everyone has a role to play in solving the challenges facing our oceans. My team and I focus on a combination of educational projects including, virtual curriculum, filmmaking, and communication projects. To be efficient and effective changemakers, our messaging must be fast-paced, powerful, and well curated.

I’m excited to use Lenovo’s technology to support my upcoming creative projects, including my new podcast and films. Being constantly on the go it’s critical our team stays connected and has access to the best creative tools. Lenovo is helping us reach a new level of reach with our conservation messaging.

Be a Part of the Journey

Follow me on Instagram (@carissaandclimate) and TikTok (@carissaandclimate) to be part of my #LenovoInnovators journey and support my mission.


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