Leading Architectural Visualization Agency Takes Its Innovations On-the-Go with Lenovo

Chris Ruffo, Segment Lead, Architecture & Engineering at Lenovo

You are walking back from a client meeting with a coffee in-hand when you catch a glimpse of your new office building breaking ground around the corner. It checks all the boxes—proximity to clients, amenities for your employees—but what will it really be like working in this space? With just a hole in the ground and a fence barricading the property, it is hard to say if the building will not only meet but exceed your needs.

Neoscape, an architectural visualization agency, is aiming to remove the guesswork behind imagining this future. With an innovative approach influenced by film and post production, Neoscape is building cinematic, interactive experiences allowing clients to walk through their new office space and make adjustments before the construction company even breaks ground. Moving away from a traditional rendered approach, Neoscape is deploying real geometry and physics, real ray tracing, for an actual, photo-real look. Professionals, and the architects of their space, can perfect every light, shadow and material for a completely cooperative design—whether they’re sampling wooden floors or moving the corner conference room to the other side of the building for better afternoon light.

Visualization agencies are being tapped to generate visually stunning renderings on tightening deadlines—asking creatives to find efficiencies in their workflows. And because these clients often want to meet outside of their office, Neoscape required a solution to bring their design process closer to the customer.

With an entire Research and Development Lab (RadLab) powered by Lenovo ThinkStation and ThinkPad P Series workstations, Neoscape is blazing a path of innovation to create rich, real-time experiences for their clients and prospective tenants—both in the lab and on-site. While it once took hours or days to render offline, Neoscape harnesses this technology to work iteratively, making subtle changes to everything from lighting to materials to specific environments as they work.

To maintain their flexible working environments, they needed a mobile solution to take their innovative designs on the go without compromising performance: the ThinkPad P53. Powered by an NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 GPU, the ThinkPad P53 allows Neoscape to complete advanced renderings and shading techniques, such as reflections, global illumination and occlusion, that were once too compute-intensive to be accomplished with a mobile workstation. With the ThinkPad P53, Neoscape is elevating its creative flow with real-time ray tracing, enabling teams to make real-time edits to their designs and implement client feedback whether they’re en route to their next presentation or in the middle of it.


Neoscape taps into remote capabilities to render 425 Park Avenue—the newest office building to join the New York City skyline—in real time. Using Lenovo workstations, Carlos Cristerna, principal and RadLab director at Neoscape, renders high-resolution images of the interior and exterior of the building—all from a mobile workstation.

“The ThinkPad P53 with an NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 GPU is changing the game for us by giving us the ability to do live, real-time demos for our clients,” said Cristerna. “Now, I can be anywhere in the world and with the ThinkPad P53, my office is with me. With real-time ray tracing, I can be in front of a client and change the design, move things around in a room or even turn the lights on and off—and our clients are continuously blown away.”

Architectural renderings with and without NVIDIA Quadro RTX

With the increased power and performance of Lenovo workstations, Neoscape is pushing the envelope to deliver the most vibrant and vivid experiences to their clients anytime, anywhere—empowering their clients to plan, design, construct and manage buildings more efficiently for those occupying the space.

Interested in seeing Neoscape’s work in action? Check out a recent demonstration from Cristerna at NXT BLD 2019.



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