Lenovo to Bring Connectivity and End-to-End Innovation to MWC 2022

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Now, more than ever, people expect smart, seamless, inclusive, and powerful connection. We are still navigating a pandemic that pushed communities to lean on technology and supercharged the transition to hybrid models of education, work, and interaction. Lenovo accelerated our innovation over the past two years to provide immediate solutions and shape a more equitable and empowered future through smarter technology for all. At MWC 2022, we lean in fully to the theme of unleashing connectivity—precisely what Lenovo is doing.

The annual showcase of breakthrough technology and visions for the future runs February 28 to March 3. Lenovo’s participation will be virtual, but no less thrilling or immersive. Recent tech events proved we can still meaningfully connect to explore the latest advances. Just last month at CES, Lenovo invited the world to tour a virtual product showcase. We’re ready to push that experience further.

So what can you look forward to from Lenovo at MWC 2022? Solutions infused with AI and 5G to create incredible speed and heightened user experience? Infrastructure enhancements to optimize and accelerate cities? Devices with even greater flexibility for hybrid education and collaboration? Bold examples of sustainability and accessibility? Visionary insights? Yes to all of the above.

Learn more below and join us virtually at MWC.

Hybrid and Hyper-Connected

5G: Beyond devices offering blazing fast, online-from-anywhere experiences, see how 5G transforms city infrastructure (including in MWC’s home of Barcelona), edge computing, and gaming.

End-to-end solutions: Full-scale data center capabilities offered to businesses as-a-service through Lenovo TruScale. Learn more about this infrastructure transformation.

Device versatility: Building on the dynamic innovation unveiled at CES 2022, look for hybrid-focused announcements across PCs, tablets, monitors and more.

Visions for the future: Lenovo executives will break down transformative innovation happening now, in the near future, and further into a more connected future.

Lenovo’s Work for Humankind Project: In partnership with Island Conservation and the Robinson Crusoe Island community, volunteers from around the world will experience first-hand how smarter tech and connectivity can enable work from anywhere and sustainability – even while working from one of the most remote offices in the world on Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile.

Inclusive and Compassionate

Cultural preservation: Building on last year’s launch of supporting and preserving endangered, indigenous languages, Motorola will share exciting updates.

Accessible design: The growing role of Lenovo’s Product Diversity Office will help increase accessibility and flexibility of new devices.

Sustainability: See how Lenovo builds on the recycled materials and compostable packaging of the ThinkPad Z series and examples of Lenovo’s broader commitments to the planet.

Advancing the Kind City: After inviting people around the world to share their visions and explore an interactive podcast, Lenovo will share the crowd-sourced, AI-curated principles of the Kind City of the future.

Join us at MWC 2022 to see how Lenovo empowers you to unleash the full power of connectivity.


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