Lenovo Responds to COVID-19: A Message from CEO Yuanqing Yang

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The spread of COVID-19 over the last two months continues to affect all of us.  Even as progress is made and offices in some countries reopen, colleagues in other parts of the world are being asked to work from home, a reminder that this is an ever-changing, global issue that we all must work together to confront and overcome.

At Lenovo, we strive every day to bring smarter technology to all. That stems from our belief that putting the best technology in the hands of more people leads to better ideas and solutions to all of our challenges. Now more than ever, we are seeing the value of having the right technology, whether it is a medical researcher working on a vaccine, a teacher leading a class online, or individuals using the internet at home to get their work done. Technology will play a key role in helping address the near term challenges the virus has created. We are working hard to continue producing and developing the products that our customers use to address the challenges they face.

But it’s people who are the key to finding the solutions to these new challenges. Putting people first has always been a core value at Lenovo, whether referring to our employees, partners, customers or our communities. With that idea guiding our decisions, I wanted to update you on the steps we’re taking to serve all those people.

Giving Back in the Communities We Call Home

The Lenovo Foundation continues to take a leading role in helping the global response to COVID-19, donating technology to new hospitals treating patients as well as researchers studying the virus, making software and hardware available to schools to operate online, and adding donations from our employees worldwide.  Our support is both big and small – it’s focused on real need and where our own Lenovo teams are near and able to support. I’m confident the cumulative impact of the $6.7 million we’ve donated to date will have an impact where it matters most.

Concern for Our People

As a global company, Lenovo has felt the virus’ impact and responded by empowering local leaders to act with the well-being of our teams as their top priority. At first that meant our teams in China worked remotely while other parts of the world stepped up their support, as they had yet to be affected.  Now, offices and factories in China have reopened, yet the virus’ spread has caused leaders in places such as Europe and North America to ask employees who can to work remotely. In a fast-changing situation, flexibility is important.  It’s something I’ve seen from our suppliers, our partners, the industry at large and, in particular, Lenovo teams worldwide. I am grateful for how our people and partners have pulled together to help our customers, and to support one another. I’m also proud that we’ve been able to find new roles for employees in segments reduced by the virus’ economic impact.   No one knows how long our everyday lives will be disrupted, but we are committed to following the guidelines set by local officials in each market, to doing all we can to help, and above all else to ensuring the health and safety of our people.

Focus on Our Customers

Over the last two months I have been amazed at the dedication our teams have shown to keeping our partners and customers informed and ensuring our operations are running as smoothly as possible.  While I’m amazed, I’m not surprised, because I’ve seen our teams pull together and deliver for our customers in many difficult situations. When our factories in China were closed for a number of weeks our supply chain team rallied to look at how we could use our global footprint of 30+ manufacturing sites to adjust capacity and rebalance production. Although the China factory closures caused short-term impact on production and supply, we were able to minimize this as much as possible.  As demand ramps up for homeworking technology and solutions, I’m seeing teams be creative about how they can quickly support customers around the world who are changing their work practices and prioritizing customers that are at the front-line of dealing with the coronavirus situation.

The current situation is unprecedented and many challenges remain.  Yet I know is that we will do all we can to support our people, and they will do all they can to support our customers.

Looking Ahead

This is a challenging time for all of us. I know people are concerned about how this might impact their families, jobs, local communities and every aspect of their lives. I know this because I have had the same concerns ever since COVID-19 led to the extension of the Lunar New Year holiday and closed offices and schools across China.

At challenging times such as these it helps to remember that we all want the same thing: for the people we care about to stay healthy, the virus’ impact to diminish, for treatments to be developed and for life to return to normal. That shared sense of hope and purpose can encourage each of us during this difficult time and help us rally to meet the challenges we face. I thank every person at Lenovo for all they are doing to help not just Lenovo, but also the customers who count on us and the communities that we call home.  Together, I know we can meet these challenges.

Yuanqing Yang
Chairman & CEO


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