What’s in Store for the Future of Tech? Lenovo Unveils 8 Predictions for 2021 and Beyond

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With the end of 2020, and COVID-19 vaccines now in distribution, many are left to wonder what’s in store for the future. One thing that’s certain is that life won’t return to what it was. Lives have been disrupted. With stay-at-home orders and social distancing, working and learning, connecting, entertaining and for that matter, doing just about everything from home, has become the new norm.

Now, with opening up on the horizon, what kind of world will everyone return to? What can be expected from workspace set-ups and culture in the future? How has the pandemic reshaped education, healthcare, manufacturing and retail environments? And how have remote livelihoods reshaped what consumers and businesses now need and expect from tech and tech-related experiences?

Published now as part of an innovation series on CIO.com, here are Lenovo’s 8 Tech Predictions for 2021 and Beyond.

Read the full article on CIO.com here.

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