Ducati and Lenovo: Pushing for Speed with Intelligent Transformation

A Lenovo-Ducati partnership may initially seem a strange pairing. Ducati manufactures beasts of speed and metal — and has been doing so out of its Bologna factory for generations. Lenovo is a 34-year-old company best known for developing technology for personal and business computing.

“We know how to create high-performance racing and road bikes,” said Konstantin Kostenarov, the Chief Technical Officer of Ducati. But given the paradigm shift the motorcycle industry is facing, they had to undergo a digital transformation into a data-driven company.

Lenovo was the logical choice for facilitating Ducati’s leap into the 21st century, given its track record in designing the “latest technology” and providing “high-level services,” according to Kostenerov.



Lenovo powers Lenovo

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