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The International Day for Biological Diversity, happening May 22, is a United Nations-sanctioned international day for the promotion of biodiversity issues

According to the UN, “biological diversity is often understood in terms of the wide variety of plants, animals and microorganisms, but it also includes genetic differences within each species and the variety of ecosystems (lakes, forest, deserts, agricultural landscapes) that host multiple kind of interactions among their members (humans, plants, animals).”

The UN highlights biodiversity as the answer to several sustainable development challenges. In celebration of this day, LenovoEDU, Lenovo’s online education community, is hosting a virtual Global Biodiversity Festival for the public featuring prominent scientists, explorers, filmmakers, and conservationists speaking about this important topic. The festival will run from May 20-22 with a live broadcast for 80 hours. Over 160 speakers from all 7 continents and 60+ countries will share their stories in this virtual extravaganza.

Speakers have a wide range of backgrounds and focus on everything from the largest creature on Earth to the smallest microplastics. Tune in for:

  • Ocean conservationist and living legend, Sylvia Earle, aka “Her Deepness”
  • Award-winning National Geographic photographer, Ami Vitale
  • Polar explorer and BBC presenter Paul Rose
  • Brazilian field biologist Pedro Peloso
  • Nigerian veterinarian Mark Ofua
  • Jaguar conservationist Yara Barros, and many more!

For the second year in a row, LenovoEDU is the education partner for the Global Biodiversity Festival. The virtual event is one of several held throughout the year to provide inspiring stories to our student, family, and educator audiences.

The Global Biodiversity Festival is also a fundraising opportunity with donations going to grassroot conservation projects around the world. In 2021, the festival raised $30,000 for conservation.

Register today for the 2022 Global Biodiversity Festival!


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