Sustainable Innovation for a Smarter Future

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Lenovo celebrates Earth Day and its journey toward a brighter, more sustainable future 

Innovating for Sustainability in our Products and Services 

As a global technology leader, Lenovo is focused on ensuring that our products and services are contributing to our customers’ sustainability goals and a smarter future for all. We’re working to reduce our carbon footprint through increased energy efficiency, use of sustainable materials, and participation in the circular economy. Business leaders are evaluating opportunities across product, packaging and services to increase sustainability with the KPIs established in our most recent ESG Report that address the following goals. 

  • Energy Efficiency: By 2030, Lenovo and Motorola’s engineers and product designers are working to increase the energy efficiency of desktops and servers by 50%, and mobile phones and notebooks by 30%. In addition to our energy efficiency goals, we already offer DEKRA-validated offset services for customers in select markets.  
  • Sustainable Materials: Since 2005, Lenovo’s research and development teams have been working with suppliers to include post-consumer content (PCC) in the manufacture of new Lenovo products. Today, Lenovo uses closed loop post-consumer recycled content in 200+ products. Lenovo is also designing its packaging to use more sustainable materials like bamboo and sugar cane, and has designed a more sustainable “rack and roll” shipping method for servers that has reduced consumption per rack by 105 pounds of cardboard. 
  • Increasing Participation in the Circular Economy: Lenovo’s products are continually evaluated for ease of disassembly and recycling as part of the “circular economy”. As announced in our most recent ESG Report, by FY 2025/26, 84% of repairs can be done without having to send the PC to a service center, 76% of PC parts returned to our service center will be repaired for future use, and Lenovo will have enabled the recycling and reuse of 800 million pounds of end-of-life products. 
  • Helping Customers Reach their Sustainability Goals: Through innovations like liquid cooling in Lenovo’s servers, Lenovo is delivering energy efficiency and improved performance to research institutions. In addition to offset services, Lenovo offers a suite of services and workshops to support customers’ sustainability goals including asset recovery services, bulk packaging, and tailored workshops to meet customer needs and goals.  

Recognizing our role as a global technology leader 

On Earth Day 2022, we can already begin to see the effects of climate change, increasing our motivation to innovate and collaborate for solutions and mitigation. However, as a global technology company, we recognize the intersection between communities affected by climate change and the underrepresented communities we serve through our Lenovo Foundation efforts. In addition to our commitments in product innovation and customer collaboration, we’re working with communities to increase resiliency against natural disasters and are supporting projects designed to help communities predicted to be most heavily impacted by climate change maintain access to food and water.

The IPCC’s latest report on climate change warns that action to limit global warming must be taken “now or never”. At Lenovo, this helps us spur our efforts to innovate toward our established goals, collaborate with peers across industries and support a credible path in our work to measure and limit climate change.  

Read more about Lenovo’s Environmental, Social Impact and Governance programs in the latest ESG Report 


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