Lenovo Foundation Launches USD $1 Million TransforME Grant Round to Support Tech Skills

The World Economic Forum projects that by 2025 there will be 97 million new roles created around emerging technologies between humans, machines, and algorithms. At this time, the global workforce is not prepared to meet this opportunity and harness the potential of emerging technologies. Additionally, Covid-19 has disrupted the global workforce and widened the skills gap for jobs that are available. In response to the changing global dynamics for workers today, Lenovo philanthropy is launching the TransforME grant round to partner with organizations focused on skilling adult populations from under-resourced or underrepresented backgrounds with the critical and most sought-after skills for today’s tech workforce. Access to skilling for these populations can prevent the growth of further inequities, leading to transformational impact for individuals and building the talent pipeline for the future of innovation.

The deadline for organizations to apply for a TransforME grant is January 24, 2022 – the application form and more information can be found here. Lenovo’s global philanthropy team has allocated USD $1 million toward this grant round with grants expected to be in the USD $25k to $250k range. Priority will be given to those partnerships that equip individuals with the skills they need to transform their future through credible, thoughtful and effective training programs that led to career opportunities in emerging technology. Key skills include data analytics, software and web development, artificial intelligence, IT support and hardware repairs.

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This grant round represents a shift for a corporate philanthropy strategy that has traditionally focused on increasing access to STEM education for primary and secondary school students. More information on Lenovo’s philanthropic endeavors can be found here.

“While we’ve focused on increasing access to technology for the future workforce, we recognize that there is an urgent need to skill today’s workforce, and that adults in our communities have the appetite to learn new skills now,” commented Calvin Crosslin, Lenovo Foundation President. “We’ve been lucky to partner with organizations like LaboratoriaTechnoserveMigracode, and Waffle to have experience with this strategic focus area, and are taking this opportunity to increase our support of skilling.” 

This grant round will specifically contribute to Lenovo philanthropy’s goal to transform 1 million lives by 2025 through skilling. While Lenovo philanthropy will continue to fund programs and partners that provide access to STEM education and technology for the future workforce, the team has recognized the need to shift their strategy to apply to today’s adults.

Organizations must be a registered charity in order to apply. Click here to view the application and learn more about requirements. Email giving@lenovo.com with any questions.  


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